Sunday, November 3, 2013

Take Time For Yourself!

Calling all busy Moms!!! This is for you!

So I know how it is. We are so busy these days that it is hard to just slow down. There is so much to do in such a small amount of time. I just want to let you know that it is SO very important to STOP and take care of yourself. I know that this can be a challenge. It has been for me. I will run myself a nice soothing bath and get in only to start thinking of all the things I "should be" doing instead. If you are like me and you have ever felt this way, then it's time to change the way you think.

We are so busy taking care of our house chores, our kids, our husbands, our pets, but when it comes to ourselves we tend to put ourselves last. Why is this? I don't have an answer for that, but I can tell you that this is not good. If you keep putting yourself last then you are going to burn out! So do not feel guilty for taking out some time for yourself! You need to refresh your mind and your body so that you can do everything there is to do to the best of your ability. It's no fun to burn out and then do things half heartedly only to have to turn around and do it over "the right way". Been there, done that!

So here is my challenge to you. Take some time for yourself if you are not already. The more you can do this the better, but let's start slowly for those who are new to this. Every two weeks set aside a full hour just for you! To pamper your mind and your body and totally just refresh yourself. It's like hitting a reset button and it can totally change your perspective! You will feel better about yourself and you will have more of yourself to give to your family. More focus and more patience, yes please!

Here is my suggested SPA DAY layout. This routine works great for me and it really helps me to slow down and relax! No guilt is allowed! This is your time! I do this every two weeks after little one is in bed.

  • Start off your spa day with some dry skin brushing! If you can, do this every night before bed. You only need 3-4 days in a row to convenience yourself that this is worth while! Your skin will glow and it will be silky smooth! It also helps with detoxing and will help you to feel your best the next day! I use this one by Earth Therapeutics. It's under $10 and will last you a very long time! It earns it's keep! Just be extra gentle on your tummy and back until your skin gets use to the brush. :)
  • Next give yourself a nice manicure and pedicure. Now I'm not the kind of girl that will usually do this. I don't normally paint my nails, but I do for this. I don't paint my fingernails since I cook a lot, but I do paint my toe nails. I feel so girly and pretty after! I really recommend this! Give your hands and feet a good massage as well!
  • Next run yourself a nice warm bath. I like all natural baths so I use Epson salts (for detox) and essential oils. This is is my favorite thing to add to a bath for sore muscles:
And this to distress:
They are definitely my splurge items since they run around $15-$20 a bottle. It is all natural and they are worth every single penny! If you cannot afford to try this stuff out then you should add this to your Christmas list!
  • After your relaxing bath try rubbing on a soothing body oil. This is great anytime after dry brushing as well. This is my favorite coming in under $10 and it will last you quit a while to!
  • Now snuggle up in bed with your favorite book until you are ready to drift off into a peaceful slumber!
Start making time for yourself! You will not regret it! :)


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