Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toy Review! Leap Frog Touch Magic

Here is a fun product review on a toy I just bought for my 2 and 1/2 year old son. This toy is made by Leap Frog and is called "Leap Frog Touch Magic". You can find it at Target, Walmart (selections vary), and also Amazon.com.  The price of this toy was $25.00 at both Target and Walmart, but I see that on Amazon it is only $22 with free shipping for Prime members. YAY! This toy is so worth it!

First off let me show you the one I bought:

The colors are bright and the animals are cute and smiley! When I first saw this toy I thought, oh boy another touch screen toy! It's just going to break when the buttons under it get jammed up. Well let me tell you, this has NO BUTTONS under the main picture! NONE! It is touch sensitive kind of like your phone screen would be. It has 3 playing modes. My son's favorite is the "Old McDonnalds" which is the reason I chose this one over the Bus themed one. He LOVES this song! During the song you touch an animal to add to the song. SUPER CUTE! Also my son is just learning to count to 15, so this will help emphasize those numbers to him and since it goes up to 20 I can see this toy "grow" with him. You can run your finger up the round colored wheels up in the front of the train and it plays sort of like a piano. The entire surface is very responsive and my son has yet to become annoyed with it for not working (like other button toys).

This toy is great in the car since it fits right across the lap. It also has been great to just set on top of the coffe table and let him play and dance away. I give this toy a 5 star review! I will be getting the bus unit for a birthday present for little man in December!

So hope this helps some of you who were considering this toy. Any questions about it, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

You can find them here: Amazon.com , currently $2 off. :)

*I am not affiliated with Leap Frog in any way. Just a mom who loves to write up reviews! :)


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