Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Get Honest!

I have been looking into ways to be more "green" around the house. I look up so many natural cleaners, baby products, beauty products, and even looking for healthier food choices. It's a BIG job and a TON of research! I think switching to non-toxic cleaners and products is a good place to start. I tried making my own cleaners, but somehow I just didn't care much for them. To vinegary, to sticky, to much trial and error! So when I seen the Honest Brand by Jessica Alba I always wanted to try her products. I looked into the ingredients she uses in her products and I must say that I am very impressed! Last month I signed up for both the baby bundle and house bundle. I AM SO GLAD I DID! I am in love with this stuff!! It works, it smells nice, and it's all natural! LOVE IT! It takes all the guess work out for me and it's shipped right to my door every month! Best of all for the household bundle you can switch up your monthly products! I think I will always be keeping the laundry detergent and the dish detergent in my cart though. I go thru so much laundry and do so many dishes I defiantly want to keep that in stock.

So not only have I found the products to work EXTREMELY well, they are also very pretty and smell nice to! Here is a break down of what I have tried and how I like them:

*Baby diapers: They work great, no leaks, but they are kind of "papery". I would compare them somewhere between Huggies and Luvs. I did adore the patterns!!!
Leopard pattern for Honest DiapersLumberjack pattern for Honest DiapersDinosaurs pattern for Honest DiapersSkulls pattern for Honest DiapersAnchors pattern for Honest DiapersGingham pattern for Honest DiapersHearts pattern for Honest Diapers
Sweet pattern for Honest DiapersStars pattern for Honest DiapersBloom pattern for Honest DiapersTiny Prints pattern for Honest Diapers
*Baby Diaper Cream: LOVE IT! Smooth and silky!
*Wet Wipes: These are THICK and very moist! They do an AMAZING job!

*Dish Detergent: LOVE THIS! Dishes are sparkly clean!
*Laundry Detergent: Gets all the stains out and a nice light scent!
*Hand Soap: Well, it's soap! LOL! It works! :)
*Bubble Bath: This stuff suds up! My son loves it! The bubbles last a very long time and have a nice light clean scent.
*Shampoo and the conditioner: Makes my baby's hair smell so clean and fresh! It didn't seem to hurt his eyes at all.
*Lotion: Absorbed quickly and never gave a heavy feeling. Nice light scent.

Final thoughts
I love these products, BUT I do find the price of the baby monthly bundle to be a bit pricey. I am a couponer and I am pretty confident I can get Huggies Naturals on sale and add a coupon to it and get a much better deal. Money wise, I would have to skip this bundle. If money were no issue then I'd probably splurge and get it.
The rest of the personal and cleaning products are a HUGE hit and I don't mind paying for a monthly delivery for those. I plan to try out each and every product on the list. I also have heard that after your second month you start getting some AMAZING coupons for the products in your email up to 50% off! So when those start rolling in then your defiantly saving money and using safe effective products in your home! AND it's all brought right to your door and as an added bonus the packaging is beautiful! :)


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