Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EmBark12 Course Review

So as stated in a previous post here is the review I promised! So it is still a bit early, but I wanted to try and list a few things anyway. First off I would like to state that when you are ordering the course to be sure you check your "Start Date". You will not have any access to any of the course materials until this date arrives. Until that date you are going to be locked out. This is because it is a yearly subscription to the course. I thought I was buying unlimited access to the course materials, but that is not so. So please be aware of this.

Another note is that I did order all of the extra manipulative sets for this course. There are 3 that you can add on. I think it is well worth the money and saves time from having to go hunt down these items yourself. I just want to state that if you have been homeschooling already or have older kids, that you might have some or most of the items on hand already. For instance I had the magnetic letters, counting bears, globe, etc. on hand already. I guess it's not a bad idea to have back-up, but this is something to consider. The book set that you add on is TOTALLY worth it! You get SO many books and it came out so much cheaper than buying them separately. Just note that if you have a well stocked library nearby then you might be able to find these for free at your local library. We have an amazing library, but things are never in stock. So for me, this was worth it.

I did our first lesson last week and it went really well. The course guides will give you lots of information on how to teach the material, what items to use, and what books to use. It also gives you ideas for group teaching and also one on one teaching. Then to break it down even further it also gives you ideas on how to teach the entire lesson to the younger kids. So there are defiantly different modifications given in the courses and exact instructions for each.

It really gave me some great ideas on extra things to teach my son that I didn't think of teaching a preschooler. Like parts of a book, past tense verbs, what an author does, what an illustrator does, etc. So it is expanding my teaching skills as well. Never under estimate how smart preschoolers are! When I went over these concepts with him he took interest and picked it up right away. Little sponges I tell ya! :)

We are also loving the online courses that came along with the course. My 4 year old is use to touch screens so it was a bit difficult to encourage him to learn the mouse, but he is getting there.

So I hope this helps anyone considering this course. I definitely would recommend it.


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