Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eating Smarter!

So we've all seen the new petition for Kraft Mac & Cheese. If you have not please read about it here and sign the petition. Basically the USA allows lots of weird chemicals into our food. Overseas is a different story. Kraft has deemed some of it's ingredients as unsafe and pulled them products overseas. Even linked to some cancers! However they left these ingredients in the USA products. Why? Simply because they can.

It had me thinking what else is going on in our food that we do not know about? I have always been curious of this question, but to afraid to seek it out. I am so busy with life that I don't have time for a diet change! I was afraid of what I would find out and of course afraid of change. Who isn't? I like my comfort zone and don't care for change! LOL!

Well, with a 3 year old I know I have to be worried. So a diet change would be hard, yes, but who said you had to do it all at one time? After all slow change is easy change and slow change is lasting change! I took a good hard look at how eat and how I felt. I eat lots of processed foods. LOTS! I'm busy and it's just convenient. But now let's look at how I feel:

*Fatigue all the time
*Foggy Headed
*Joint discomfort
*Get sick easily
*Post nasal drip going on 4 months!

Just to name a few! So, something has to change right!? RIGHT! I don't want to live life just trying to get by one day at a time just hoping I have enough energy to get to the next hour. So, I thought "Well maybe it is our diet!" I have done lots of research on how nutrition can heal our bodies, but never really applied it until I needed it. Why not use good nutrition to PREVENT it and even ENHANCE life? Yea, that sounds good!

So I braved it out! I chose not to turn and look away any longer. I chose not to be fooled! WOW! The things I have learned about what is in our food!! It is ridiculous! The food market place THRIVES on people like me. People who just do not have the time to cook from scratch and people who just do not have the time to educate themselves. They count on nearly all people in our society to be to busy to take responsibility for our own health. They will even throw pitches at you on the front of cartons such as "FAT-FREE" or "Low cholesterol". Lots of lies! Those sales pitch's are just that.... SALES PITCH'S! Do you think they are worried about our nutrition level? Nope, they want us to buy, buy, buy, and will say and do anything to get the next dollar from us.

If you see something that says "Fat-Free" I can bet you that it is loaded with sugar! Do you know what happens to sugar in our bodies when we eat a lot of it? Insulin turns it to   *drum roll please*  FAT!

Not only that, but we have sugar in EVERYTHING now! Even some taco seasonings and crackers have sugar!

I highly suggest that if you do not want to be in the dark any longer to do some research of your own. I personally did not have time to read books on top of books to educate myself. And I'm sure many of you are the same way. I highly suggest everyone to watch "Hungry for Change " on You can watch it right on your PC screen! Just PAY ATTENTION! You don't want to miss what these people have to say! LIFE CHANGING! Then if you are a Prime member of Amazon like myself I highly suggest watching "Forks over Knifes" Which is free to watch for Prime members. Others it is $3.99 to rent. It is very eye opening! Forks over knifes deals more with animal products and the effects they have on our health. It also talks about how the food industry has us all thinking we HAVE TO HAVE animal products to thrive. Even if you do not want to go vegan (I don't plan on it as of right now) it will give you motive to cut back on your animal product intake.

Back to the blueberry muffins. I get these for my son for breakfast a lot. He loves them! I either get the mix or buy them made already in the snack aisle. SHAME ON ME! Do you know what those little "fake" blueberries are made of? They are made of a product called Propylene glycol and they also contain partially hydrogenated oils! More on that in a later post. :)

So why is Propylene Glycol bad? It breaks down protein and cellular structures in the body. It's so bad that factory workers have to wear special gloves to handle it. They are told to NOT let it come into contact with the skin! It can cause brain, kidney, and liver damage. It is also the main ingredient in Anti-Freeze. You know that stuff is bad for you! LOL! You won't just find this stuff in your muffins either! You can find it in:
Anti-Freeze, Brake fluid, Paint, Floor Wax, Laundry Detergent, Pet food (yes, pet food!), Toothpaste, Shampoo, Deodorant, Lotion, and MANY processed foods and personal care items.

Now, I'm sure your thinking "A little bit won't hurt". Well, look at how often we come into contact with it. Look at how much we will absorb into our bodies over a lifetime. Don't you think by the time we are  in our 50's and 60's we will start getting the effects of this? A time where we should be enjoying life and grandbabies we will be dealing with illness and disease. What about our kids? What's going to happen to them when they get older? We all want our children to live long and healthy lives. So it's time we start taking charge of the things in this world that we have control over. I believe it starts with making ourselves healthier thru nutrition and avoiding these types of toxins as much as possible. This is only ONE toxin! There are many more and there are so many EASY ways to avoid them. Join me on my journey to be healthier and eating smarter, just a regular gal trying to do what is right for herself and her little family. :)


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