Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grasshopper Kit "Getting Our Hands Ready" Reveiw

Here is a kit that you can buy that is ready go. Full of lessons for your preschooler! We used this for the first time this week. Little Man is just now turning 3 years old and I found that there were only a couple of things in this kit that he was ready for. So keep that in mind. I think the ideal age for this kiy would be around 3 and 1/2 and up.
You can find this on for about $30
Here is a picture of what you get in the kit:
You can probably recreate this kit with some things you have on hand already. The thing that I really loved most about this kit is Mr. Crunchers (that green frog thing) and the reuseable sticker sheet.
You also get play dough, roller, play dough stamps, and raised edge coloring cards with crayons.
My son REALLY enjoyed Mr. Crunchers!!! You squeeze his cheeks and he opens his mouth. Then you feed him little foam shaped bugs. FUN! This is a very good lesson in fine motor skills. Squeezing his cheeks open makes for a great workout for little hands, making them nice and strong!!
The sticker sheet is great for fine motor skills as well. For this you can just get some fun stickers your child likes and draw a quick grass/sky scene for them to put the stickers on. The act of peeling the sticker and placing the stickers is excellent for fine motor skills and focus! He really liked this, but he did get bored with it quickly.
The spiral book has a good amount of information on different ways to use the kit. All in all I think it's worth it. It's fun and lets them work on their fine motor skills while being creative. I also think that this is one of those things you can easily create at home if you have the time to so. If not get this kit! :)


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