Friday, November 16, 2012

Apps for preschoolers!

Do you have a Kindle Fire?? I am so in love with mine. I have a first generation and a second generation. The second generation (the ones that ship out now) are amazing for kids to use! No need to go out and buy a second tablet for your little one! Seriously, we have tried Nabbi, Mobi Go, Fisher Price iXL, and many more and hands down Kindle wins every time! Why?

*Free books everyday!
*Free Apps everyday!
*Great for Parents and Kids! Win win!
*New Kidles come with a kids app called "Kindle Free Time"! LOVE THIS!

Kindle Free Time allows you to control what your child can and cannot do on your Kindle. It's so much better than Parental controls! You simply open this app, load what you want your child to use, and your done! Give it to your child in "Free Time" mode and your child cannot exit it without your password! So your games (maybe paid content games) are safe! So are all your other apps and other things kids shouldn't be playing with (such as youtube or interenet access). It has a kid friendly set up that is easy for even my 2 year old to navigate. The layout can easily be compared to that of the  Nabi. Best of all there is a time limit you can set for their usage. When time is up it goes off! So your not the bad guy for taking it away! LOL! I set mine for 1 hour each day. So through out the day it keeps track of how long he plays and when his hour is up, it's off! You can also set up more specific time limits within this time frame. For example I have mine set to 15 minutes video time, 15 minutes apps/games, and unlimited reading. AWESOME! I love this!

So what apps are the best? I will tell you that we have tried them all (just about)! Here are my favorites. Note some of these have "free versions" so get those if you can. You'll just have to search them straight from you Kindle ,in most cases, to see the free optons. Don't worry in "Free Time" mode they cannot open ads! :)
*Preschool Learning Fun
*Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games
*Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
*Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel
*Giraffe's PreSchool Playground
*Barnyard Games for Kids

*Make Friends with Pocoyo : There is something about this little guy that my son just loves! I have to admit I love it to! :)
*Blues Clues

What are your favorite apps and videos?? Please share! :)


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