Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Get Crafty

Today is a really FUN craft you can do with your toddler. For this project I used:

*Pom Poms
*Construction Paper
*Paper Plates (Strong ones!)

I added a little twist the project of gluing fun things to construction paper. Instead of gluing them to construction paper I choose to do the project on paper plates. This keeps all the little goodies nice and neat and keeps them from rolling off the page! LOL! You can get an assortment of buttons here for under $5 shipped with Amazon Prime. Your gonna need A LOT of buttons! For some reason my son LOVED the buttons the best!

For projects like this I find things go alot smoother if you set your little one in his/her high chair. That way they can better focus on the project and not get up and run around. It also makes clean up easier to. For this project choose your objects (about 3-4 at a time) and sort them into different piles so it's easy for your little to choose what they want to use. Keep it simple. Take the glue and simply do a few spirals onto the plate and then come back over it with some zigzags. I found this method covers the plate the best without having to spread it which can get messy. Then sit back and let your little one get creative!! When I noticed things where stacking up and not hitting glue, I just added more glue on top. Have fun everyone!

Here is Little Man working on his projects! He was very particular in where the the items went on the plate! :)


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