Saturday, October 5, 2013

Slime Putty Warning!

I just want to write this up real quick about slime putty. We see all those super fun things to make with our children on Pinterest. I see LOTS of slime putty type experiments to do with your toddler. My son loves slime! I found a pumpkin slime and made it for my son. In a nut shell it was 3 cups water, 2 cups white glue, and 3/4 tsp borax. Throw in a little food coloring and pumpkin spice to make it extra special!

Okay. I made this stuff and guess what? My 3 year old ate some of it. I'm still dealing with that right now. It happened around 8pm last night. It is now 11am as I right this (DH is looking after him right now). As soon as we noticed what happened we called the ER that directed us to poison control. Pretty much they said he "should be okay with maybe some vomiting and diarrhea." Well, as any mother now a days would do, I got online still worried sick. Look up borax poisoning and you will see how well I slept last night! Kidney failure and organ failure?! OMG! And I put this stuff in silly putty and then proceeded to make it smell like FOOD with pumpkin spice! There is no other greater Mommy guilt than this folks! I kept telling myself it was only a teaspoon at most, but then you read on and it says less than 1 teaspoon can kill a child or small pet.

Are you reading this!? Borax is lethal to small children and it is put in recipes for crafts that involve toddlers! Well, I let my son stay up until midnight so I could watch him closely. The worry of your child just grabs hold of every single cell in your body when something like this happens. It is gut wrenching! He woke up fine this morning and I finally felt so much better. Then he proceeded to drink some water and began vomiting. Just when I thought this nightmare was over he is now vomiting! Then you remember all the things you read on Dr. Google about borax poisoning and then the gut wrenching feeling comes back 10 fold now because he has actual symptoms. Is his kidneys shutting down? Did the man on the phone with poison control know what he was talking about? What if somehow our situation is different? Worse? Did we leave out any details? Should we bring him to the ER just in case?

People, this is the WORST feeling a mother can ever have! I can tell you this now. I just wanted a fun project to do with my son and this is what happened. If you have borax in your home and you have a small child, THROW IT OUT! Do not craft with it and do not use it! I have asthma as well and borax is a huge lung irritant. So if you have lung problems and don't have small children, still throw it out. It is not worth the risk. My nightmare will now continue on until I know for sure 100% that my son will be okay. :(

*If your child has eaten this stuff before, please let me know about it.


My little guy got VERY sick, but thankfully he is fine now! I have tossed the borax in the garbage and will never buy the stuff again.


Sarah Honey said...

OMG! So scarey! Hope your little guy is ok! And poor mommy! I'm so sorry for what you are going through! I really appreciate the heads up & warning!

Jenny said...

Thanks Sarah! I never knew this stuff was so poisonous until yesterday. I'm sure there are lots of other Mommies out there that do not know either. He is doing better now, but I won't feel better until this is completely passed.

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