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Eating Healthy #2

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So here we are! Second edition of eating healthy! Can I get a woot woot!?

I want you to ask yourself this question each and every time you put food or drink into your body.

Does this build my health or does this build disease?

Our bodies are never at a stable "stand still" of either of those. What we CHOOSE to put into our bodies and the choices we make determines which direction we are going. It's either or and there are no in betweens. It's really just that simple.

So let's review of what builds disease.
*Anything processed! If you cannot recreate in your own kitchen, it's not good for you. If you cannot pronounce even one word, it's not good for you.
*Hydrogenated Oils
*High fructose corn syrup! It's so so so bad for you for so many reasons! Funny thing is that companies even made a commercial about this trying to prove it's safe! They just want your money, they are not concerned with your health. This stuff is in everything! Ketchup, mustard, syrups, breads, sausages, hams, you name it! Read those labels! More on this on next page and why it is so important to avoid it. :)
*Sugars! You know it's bad for you! The only good sugar out there is natural sugar in plants. If you want to sweeten something try some honey. That way you get an added kick of antioxidants to! And don't forget sugar feeds cancer cells! Lots of us have cancer cells in our bodies already. A lot of it is genetic. So will you leave those cells dormant? Or will you give them the sugar they need to thrive? Our bodies can only fight off so many cancer cells at a time. Work for your body not against it. (Yes, our bodies most definitely have the ability to fight off and kill cancer cells, doctors will not tell you this! It's top secret I guess! LOL!)
Grains: are high glycemic. This means it weight gain and poor hair, skin, and nails. I cannot at this point say to cut out all grains. The Paleo Diet cuts this out and I'm not 100% sure I can agree with this. I understand that it can be harmful, but in my research (and I've done a lot and it's on going every single day!) I have not seen any harm in keeping this in your diet at small quantities. You can get some great proteins from grains and grains can be a great substitute for other things. Like whole grain breads and pastas. So for now I say enjoy it in moderation. :)
White flour: This is bad guys! I know you don't' want to hear this. I didn't either. Do you know what flour turns into (in most cases) in your body? SUGAR! Yep, so when your making that cake and you measure out all that sugar and think "Man that's a lot of sugar!" Well glance over at you 3 cups of white flour and say the same thing! It's not good period.
MSG: Oh man, this bad news to people! Hubby knows the effects of this one. MIGRAINS! And really really bad ones! It has so many side effects it's insane. It also slows your metabolism and makes you retain weight like crazy. And of course weight gain has it's own list of disease! It's just one of those things companies put in their products as a filler and most importantly because it's addictive and you'll always want more of it! Just like sugar and high fructose corn syrup. You don't think they put all that in there because they are trying to nourish your body? Nope they are trying to nourish their wallets! Where do you find MSG? See page two! They are sneaky with this one!
Aspartame: Anything with this in the label AVOID like the plague! It kills brain cells, causes a chemical reaction in the body that produces something similar to formaldehyde, causes migraines, vision problems, and directly linked to cancer! Tell me now why is this even allowed in our food! UGH!

So before we get into a lot of why's and the sneaky ways MSG is allowed to label itself as...... I just want to wrap this up by going back to the question "Is this going to build my health or build disease"

And here is some GREAT NEWS! You don't have to be perfect to achieve a healthy lifestyle. As long as your avoiding those highly dangerous items listed above you should be fine. Think of it as 80-20. As long as 80% of your diet is healthy the other 20% doesn't really count much. Leave this 20% for a cheat dinner once a week. Go out and treat yourself to one of your old favorites! Your body will be so healthy from the other choices that one single meal will not throw you off! So don't put yourself in an "All or nothing" state of mind. That's not how this works. Once you educate yourself and start a healthy lifestyle eventually your body will CRAVE healthy things.

See more info click "Read More" below under my name! :)

File:D-Fructose vs. D-Glucose Structural Formulae V.1.svg

Why is high fructose corn syrup so bad!? Well think of it this way. It's not natural is it? Can you recreate this in your kitchen or pick it from a garden? No you can't. It is not natural it is man made and loaded with harmful chemicals. YUCK! What is this stuff anyways??? Well, it's corn that is chemically broken down into it's finest form. I'm talking broken down to just about one molecule! Then those molecules are then (even more) chemically compressed into one another.

Think of it like this. The leaf that cocaine is made from is perfectly safe! It can even be used as a tea. But when you chemically break it down to it's finest molecules and the chemically compress them even more you get cocaine..... eh... not so good for you! They do the same thing with corn!

Why do companies use this? It's HIGHLY addictive and also enhances the flavors of foods. It's similarly addictive as nicotine in a cigarette is. Once that nicotine leaves the body (normally 20-30 min. after you smoke) you want more! Once this high fructose corn syrup leaves your body, YOU WANT MORE! And companies hope that you go right back to them and buy more from them! How rude!

Some companies are now using and enzyme process to make this healthier, but no matter how you slice it or dice it, it's bad!
Orginal Commercial

Great counter video:

Don't let the companies fool you!

Lastly lets talk again about MSG. Read the labels. There are many names it hides under. They are so sneaky!! Ingredients like hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast, and sodium caseinate are all pseudonyms for MSG.


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