Monday, June 3, 2013

Eathing Healthy #3: Easy Switches to get you started!

Here are a few simple changes we have done to eat healthier. EASY PEASY switches! You can do it to! :)

Please check out this awesome FREE website: You simply put in what you eat and it tells you EXACTLY what kind of nutrition your body is getting and what your missing! Ex. today it showed me I didn't get any B12 in my food at all. So time to supplement. Very handy and for $3 you can download it on your IPhone. :)

White pasta -Wheat pasta: Really simple and by the time you put the sauce on it you never know the difference. No blood sugar spikes! YAY!

White Bread - Whole Grain Bread: If you don't like whole grain try "Soft Wheat". Again, no blood sugar spikes! WOOT!

White Rice - Brown Rice: You'll certainly not taste the difference here! Cooks the same as white rice to!

Regular Milk - Organic Milk or Almond Milk: Healthier to go organic than regular. It's cleaner and taste better to. Only about .50 cents more here. Almond milk is great, but get unsweet or you'll be getting a ton of sugar! Almond milk is great in smoothies! :)

Margarine - REAL Butter: Organic is hard to find. I finally found one at our local grocery store that is really good. It was $5 a tub though! OUCH! But it lasts a while. Anyways, stay away from fake butter! Get the real deal if you must use it. Put some margarine out in the yard for a month and see what happens to it. NOTHING! It doesn't rot and I promise you nothing is going to eat it! Should tell ya something huh? LOL! It's just a big tub of chemicals and nothing more. BLAH! No thank you!

Table Salt - Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt: White table salt is refined and actually damages the body! Sea salt and Pink Himalayan Salt are loaded with natural minerals and taste just the same! YUM! Pass the salt please! :)

Vegetable Oil - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower seed Oil, Grape seed Oil: Not all oils are created equally. Vegetable Oil?? PLEASE just don't!! I can't even go there, so gross! Olive oil is cheapest and holds up to the highest heat. Coconut oil adds a great flavor to your stir frys but use no more than 2TBL of this very healthy fat (your body will love it!), and Sunflower and grape seed oil are great for salads! So is Olive Oil. Just take some oil and crush up some garlic into it with a squeeze of lemon and voila! Healthy dressing that is full of flavor! YAY! :)

Fruit Juice - Make your own or buy fresh cold pressed organic:  Who's got time for that right? Well, it takes about 5 minutes to whip up your own fresh juice! Just get a simple juicer from Walmart for about $50 and your good to go! To much work? Look for some fresh organic juice in the juice section. Ours ranges from $3.48 for a large bottle - $4.50 depending on brand. All that other juice is FULL of refined sugars! You might as well be drinking a soda! Natural cold pressed juice has simple natural sugars that you body can use and process quickly. You'd be surprised how ymmy it is to drink your veggies!

Chips - Natural Chips: Just look at the ingredients. It should say something like potato, sunflower oil, spices, sea salt. The less the ingredients the better. Look for the healthy oils listed above and you should be good! No need to deprive yourself! :)

White Flour - Wheat flour, almond flour or coconut flour. Wheat flour will be the easiest to substitute. The others you'll need to look up recipes for. They don't all cook the same. Hard switch? Try halfing it to start. Instead of 1 full cup of white flour do 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat! You won't notice the difference and it makes the switch easier. White flour = white sugar in the body! Bad news! With any of the white flours, pasta's, and breads, your body will turn it into sugar in the body. Then it will store most of it as fat. Then it will cause huge blood sugar spikes and crashes leaving you cranky and feeling even more hungry! BLAH! Horrible roller coaster! Get me off this thing! LOL!

Soda: JUST SAY NO! Soda is the legal drug of America. Instead drink water, fresh juices, and herbal teas. Not that sweet tea either that is full of sugar! LOL! Get you some good green tea and sweeten it with some organic stevia or some honey. YUMMY!

Eggs: Just be sure it says free range organic. You should be good! :)

Meats: Grass fed beef and cage free birds. Always wash before you cook! :)

Fruits and Veggies: Organic when you can. It's hard sometimes to find organic. Just wash it for a good 30 - 60 seconds! Scrub scrub scrub! LOL! Also check this out:
cleaning fruit. Love this!

So there you have it! EASY PEASY ways to eat a bit more on the healthy side and feel better to! Making these switches are not only easy but after the 2nd shopping trip it just becomes second nature. You won't even have to think about it! Eating healthy is feeling healthy! Because after all YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!


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