Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get Healthy With Me Challenge #2

How's everyone doing with the water and sleep?? I'm doing better and I can tell a big difference when I skip my water or stay up to late. It's been about 2 weeks, maybe longer, so lets move on to the next steps!

These are just going to go off of the last post to build up a good foundation. The next two weeks let's continue our previous healthy steps and add these:
*Cut back on sugar
*Cut back on Caffine

Sugar: This is a hard one! It is for me, or should I say was. I cut back A LOT on my sugar intake already. This is what I find is most helpfull.

*Cut out the soda! Drink water, juice (no added sugar juices. I aim for 6g sugar or half it with water), or my favorite MIO. Walmart brand MIO is just as good and about a dollar cheaper. Cutting out soda will DRASTICALLY cut down on sugar (have you read that label?) and also caffine if your drinking caffinated soda. So it's a win-win on this step. If you must have soda try Sprite Zero. I love this!!!!
   -Try to eat sweet fruit like strawberries
   - Eat dark chocolate for a quick fix. It has less sugar than milk chocolate.
   - Limit white bread and pasta intake.
Start reading your sugar counts on your labels. This is a great baby step to label reading. Just look at sugar for now and also those bad artificial sweetners! Stevia is a great alternative.

*Caffinne: Cut back on soda and coffee. Have one cup a day or if you like two cups drink 1/2 cup twice a day to get your fix. Also try to slowely cut back on the sugar you add. So if you use 3tsp, try 2 and 1/2, then a few days later try only 2tsp, and so on. This is a great way to get accustomed to the taste of coffee with less sugar.

Let's work on these things and get those daily crashes eliminated! Let's get do this together! :)


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